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Anand Farms allow you to enjoy the tranquility of nature, breathe fresh air, and strengthen your mental & physical health. The degree of pollution is dramatically lowered, and the tension seems to magically go away. Discover the delights of magnificent views, unwind and relax in absolute privacy, the sweet sound and smells of nature.

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Rs. 6999/- SQ Yards and multiple (tentative).


Gated Community

24 x 7 Security

Wide Pitch Road

Electricity Supply

Lush Green Area

Ground Water Supply

Kids Play Area

Club House

Road Side Plantation

farm House

Owning A farm or home with a farmhouse is the new trend in luxury. A farmhouse is a type of house, which serves a residential purpose in an agricultural setting. It is surrounded by a farm or a well-landscaped garden.
Benefits of owning a Farmland/Farmhouse
An exceptional natural view, Fresh Air and scenery

Social Distancing

In India, agricultural income is exempted from tax

Safe and Secure

Family & Work Life Balance

A valuable tangible asset

Work from Home (WFH)

An instant affordable and easy holiday home.

An additional source of income

Income from versatile farming functionality

Rental Income



Location Advantage

Land Can Also Be Used For

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Garh Mukteshwar is an ancient pilgrimage site for Hindus.

Located merely 90 km away from Delhi, a Tehsil in Hapur district of Uttar Pradesh state, India, it is a spiritual destination for it is blessed with the presence of the holy river, Ganga. The description of this ancient place is found in the Hindu scriptures such as the Bhagavata Purana, Shiv Purana, and Mahabharata.

How to reach Garh Mukteshwar?

By Train

Garh Mukteshwar has a railhead of its own, well connected

By Air

The city can be reached by air via Delhi's Indira Gandhi Internaonal Airport.

By Road

Road trippers can take NH 24 that connects Delhi to Garh Mukteshwar.

Reasons That Will Compel You to Visit Garh Mukteshwar:

Thousands of Years Old History

The history of Garh Mukteshwar stretches back to the period before the Common Era. As per ancient Hindu texts, Garh Mukteshwar has established thousands of years ago. There are claims that it was a part of ancient Hastinapur, the capital of the Pandavas.

Home to Divine Temples

Garh Mukteshwar is home to several divine temples which are visited by hundreds of locals and seasonal tourists every month. The town has derived its name from Mukteshwar Mahadev Temple. Other temples in the town include Ganga Temple, Vedant Mandir, and Hanuman Temple. All of these temples are considered as highly revered and wish-fulfilling sites amongst locals.

Kanwar Yatra

It is a very popular belief that Bhagwan Parshuram ji took Gangajal from Garh Ganga for abhishek at Pura Mahadev Mandir. This is how Kanwar Yatra started.

The Land Of Sati Pillars

These are stones that were erected to honor the women who committed Sati, a traditional practice amongst Hindus in which a widow immolates herself soon as the death of her husband. These stones bear the details about those women. If you have never seen any such place, then you must not miss visiting Garh Mukteshwar and exploring its Sati Pillars. As of now, there are about 80 Sati pillars in and around the town.


A Beautiful River Ghat – The banks of the Ganga River are perfect spots in the town where you can relish a few moments in tranquillity. The presence of calm waters, a serene atmosphere, and divine surroundings altogether provide visitors with a soothing experience. These Ghats are also ideal places for meditation and introspection. The most famous Ghat of Garh Mukteshwar is Brijghat. In the Hindu religion, it is considered as sacred as Har Ki Pauri in Haridwar, Ghats of Varanasi, Ghats of Prayagraj, Ghats of Ayodhya, and Rishikesh, etc. Hence, the name of Garh Mukteshwar place comes from the pilgrimage sites of Hindus.

Location Map